The Angled Type Spotting Scope Basics you Need to Know

An angled type spotting scope is quite common and it can be very useful in some specific activity. If you are working with a child having an angled scope that enables you to rotate the angled part without moving the rest of the spotting scope will be much convenient. You can also table top tripod type with an angled spotting scope which lets you save on the total weight of the items you carry when going outdoors. If you need to work in an uneven terrain such as viewing something up in the mountain, the angled spotting scope is the perfect gadget that can assist you perfectly.

Angled type spotting scope commonly used with a reliable tripod. Be it a handy table top type or a full length one you need to make sure that you bought a sturdy tripod that is able to carry the full weight of the spotting scope that you have.

You don’t want to have a tripod that shakes and move because you can’t balance it with your scope. So consider on buying the right tripod for your specific spotting scope. This will also require the size and weight of the scope that you have chosen. Then you need to think about the total weight of the tripod and the spotting scope that you have and check if it’s possible for you to carry it around with you. You don’t want to buy something that you can use often because it is too heavy for you to carry. So just look for the right sized and just have the right weight.

So be on a look out for the latest spotting scope available in the market today and check for the important factors before you decide if it will be practical for you’re to buy one. Besides the size, weight and angle of the spotting scope you also need to consider its magnification and optics if you need to work with your target on long range and you need to have high definition images such as in bird watching. Usually bird watchers use high powered spotting scope so that they can enjoy the bird from afar without disturbing it. the high optic kind of spotting scope will insure them that they will get the realistic colors of the bird as if viewing it up close.

The prices of the spotting scope can range from $75 for compact ones up to $2500 for high optic kind. So you now have a good idea on how much you need to prepare for the perfect scope that you should own. You will surely have more fun with your chosen activity if you have the right spotting scope to use.

By collecting all the important information about the perfect spotting scope that you can own it will be easy for you now to decide on where to invest your money to and you don’t have to pay more than what you just actually need. But if you are looking for the best one available in the market today then you just make sure that you only buy it from a reliable brand so that you will get your money’s worth.


The Different Spotting Scope Basics you Need to Know

With the many option of spotting scope to choose from buying one can really be very challenging. You have to think about all the different numbers. But if you know all the basic things that you need to know in choosing the right spotting scope then you can surely enjoy its full potential with the specific activity that you enjoy.

When you are planning to buy a spotting scope you probably already have a specific activity in mind to use it for. Most experts would usually ask you on what you are planning to use your scope for the moment you ask or come into their store. They will then base their suggestion with your chosen activity. The perfect activity that requires a good spotting scope includes:

  • Hunting
  • Camping
  • Bird watching
  • Target shooting

Knowing the most important information about where the spotting scope is going to be used in will help you narrow down your choices. Spotting scope is higher powered compared with binoculars that are why most experts would recommend this. You can also consider on buying spotting scope with added special feature such as waterproofed. The different numbers you need to check is the:

  • weight
  • size
  • exit pupil

If your activity requires you to move a lot like when you go out backpacking you need to bring a portable, compact and lightweight spotting scope. Also the exit pupil is an important factor to consider because the larger the exit pupil is the brighter the image will be on your spotting scope which would work perfectly when you are in an area with limit light source or during a gloomy weather.

Another factor that you will face in choosing the right spotting scope is deciding between straight and angled type.


The straight type scope is perfect to use for target shooting and hunting where you need to have a level vision between your target and your spotting scope. Since it is straight it will be easy for you to use the image that you got from viewing your spotting scope. There can be long range straight spotting scope or a compact type which will be easy for moving often. Depending on the features that you require, there’s surely a perfect spotting scope to use.

If the weight and size of the scope is not an issue or you will just be placing your scope inside your car then you can consider on buying the spotting scope with the highest number available. With heavy spotting scope you need to consider on buying a good sturdy tripod to place your scope to so that you don’t have to suffer from keeping the heavy scope steady when you are out hunting or target shooting.

This is also perfect when you are looking for a good handheld spotting scope that you can carry during your backpacking trip.

Photos And Story: Graphic Decoy Demo

Invest in realism and get real results in turkey town

Hunting with high-quality, convincing decoys will help you fill more tags. Today’s realistic decoys are much more effective than the drab-colored, oversized, foam monstrosities of the past. And every year, decoy manufacturers are getting increasingly better at producing dekes that are ultra accurate.

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In late may of 2011, I found out—at 12 yards—just how powerful a realistic decoy can be.

Ontario Tom Vs. Prototype Jake

Josh Grossenbacher and C.J. White of Zink Calls invited me to tag along on a southern Ontario turkey hunt with Steve Todtz at Grey Bruce Outfitters. The plan was to give their prototype Avian-X Quarter Strut Jake decoy one last test for the season before starting mass production.

In my opinion, there was no better place than Ontario to conduct the test. Grey Bruce Outfitters is a turkey-hunting paradise with massive fields and chunks of hardwoods, easy access to a ton of land and good guides who know the land. They’ve got all that, plus plenty of beautiful Eastern wild turkeys that strut, fan and gobble.

Todtz paired us up with his youngest guide, Matt Rogers. Rogers is a hometown kid who grew up among Ontario turkeys. He knows his home turf, and had permission on more than 20 different properties.

On the first day, Josh and the Avian-X Quarter Strut Jake gave us a full demonstration of its power to draw-in a big gobbler. If I read a script that detailed what happened during this hunt, I wouldn’t believe it––but the following story did happen! I saw it with my own eyes and my camera captured the proof.

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A Picture-Perfect Hunt

Rogers, White, Grossenbacher and I headed to a small plot of Ontario hardwoods near a large crop field. Rogers had scouted this spot the night before. While we were passing by the field, we saw a strutting gobbler out in the open, trying to impress two hens. His back was facing a small section of woods behind him. This meant we could circle around, park the truck and scoot up the adjacent edge of the woodlot.

Grossenbacher had the shotgun, but I planned to shoot the gobbler, too––with my camera. I knew that if the gobbler came in and he was completely focused on the decoy, I could get away with taking some photos.

We stalked the edge of the field, getting as close to the group of turkeys as we could, without getting busted. Grossenbacher put out Zink’s Avian-X Quarter Strut Jake next to an Avian-X feeder hen about 10 yards from the edge of the woods. We hoped that the turkeys would hear our calls, peek around the corner to see our decoys, and run in to join the party.

We set up just a few yards inside the edge cover. We quickly settled in. Grossenbacher made a few subtle, sexy hen yelps aimed at the faraway birds. We heard the tom softly gobble back. He was a lot farther away than we thought he’d be. Then Grossenbacher changed his tune. He cranked up some nasty, loud and excited yelps. That did the trick, because a few minutes later the three turkeys came rushing in.

The hens stopped 12 yards in front of Grossenbacher’s shotgun barrel, and they started to putt. The hens slowly backed away and slipped into the cover in a semi-spooked fashion. The stud gobbler didn’t care. He was completely focused on those beautiful Avian-X decoys. He spit and drummed up to the hen, he flirted as he rubbed his chest on her. Then he focused his full attention on kicking the butt of that Quarter Strut Jake.

When the gobbler stepped and turned the back of his tail fan to us, completely blinding himself from our movements, I raised my camera and Grossenbacher raised his muzzle. Click, Click, Click, Click went my camera. Seeing a gobbler fight a decoy is amazing, especially when you’re seated only 12 yards away! The gobbler was oblivious to the loud sounds of my camera. I took close to 30 photos of the heavyweight bout.

As soon as Josh had enough entertainment, he concentrated on his aim and pulled the trigger. A fist full of lead No. 5s smacked the side of that tom’s head, and this Ontario gobbler was down for the count. You can see the amazing photo sequence in the video below.


Realism Matters

It’s simple: You’ll have better success when tangoing with turkeys if you employ decoys that feature an accurate color scheme, correct body positions and lifelike body parts. After witnessing firsthand how this Ontario gobbler reacted to the Avian-X Quarter Strut Jake on the last hunt of my 2011 season, it’s more clear than ever that realism matters. My photos prove it.